"Third Times A Charm"


    Car Build Kits Are Available!!


    You can race as an INDIVIDUAL or with TROOP.


    Siblings/Friends are Welcome this year!!!


    OPEN TRACK FREE FOR ALL RACING was such a sucess last couple years and will CONTINUE!!!! Fathers are welcome to purchase, build and race there own cars or bring there boyscout derby cars for the free for all race at the end.


    Your car will race and will be eligible for Trophies even if you can't make it race day!



    Register As Soon As Possible to have plenty of time to Build Your Car!!!

    Derby Car Kits Available Now!!



    If the cost or physical building/Construction/Tools are prohibitive please contact us, we would like every Girl Scout in the TreFoil Service Unit to have the opportunity to build a car that wants too!

    We can set up a time to Design, Build, Saw, Sand, Paint, Lube or any Help required.


  • Powder Puff Derby Event Information

    Concessions are available this year!!!!

    Hot dogs, chips, baked goods, water and pop will be available for


    Powder Puff Derby is open the Siblings/Friend Class Race . Girl Scouts are elgible for trophies. The 1st place winner of the Sibling class will win a trophy.


    Scoring will use the Elapsed Time Method


    Grand Prix Race Manager will be used to run the races and calculate time. Each car will race 6 times. Once in each lane, as computer assigns order randomly. The slowest individual race time of 6 races will be dropped. Only the fastest 5 times will be totaled as the Final Time Scored. The record times will be taken at the end of each heat. Final Time Scored will be added together for total overall time. At the end of racing, the fastest 6 cars with the least time will move on the the Final Grand Championship. There is no accounting of individual heat victors. In fact, the second place winner in all of its heats could end up the winner because the first place heat winners could have slow results in other heats. Each racer gets to run on each lane and the slowest time will be thrown out to ensure that one bad run will not affect their overall placement. This method lacks drama and does cause some confusion among the spectators, but it is the most objective way to determine the fastest car.


        Final Grand Championship Race -- The fastest 6 cars will Race 6 times, once in each lane for a second time. The Slowest individual race time of 6 races will be dropped. The Totals of the 5 fastest race times will determine the GRAND CHAMPION!, 2nd, 3rd places  



    Girl Scouts Powder Puff Derby Goals


    Sportsmanship and Good Citizenship is taught by following the derby rules and cheering on friends and troop partners as they race against others in the group.


    Personal Achievement comes to any girl who picks up a woodworking tool and shapes raw wood into a sleek design. By learning woodworking, she prepares herself to serve in the Girl Scouts service projects.


    Family Understanding is enhanced because building a pinewood derby car puts the Scout and family into a close and sometimes intense learning experience over, potentially, many hours.